Smile Reconstruction

At Tryon Dentistry, we combine artistry and attention to detail to create natural and beautiful smiles. Successful smile reconstruction requires careful analysis of a patient’s unique color and texture nuances in their natural teeth, and we invest all the time necessary to ensure an optimal outcome. Dr. Tryon takes technique, comfort, and aesthetic into great consideration when determining the best way to reconstruct a smile.

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The Effects of Light, Color, and Proportion

We blend art and science when deciding how to best transform your smile.

Light: The way light passes through your teeth must be considered or else dental restorations might be too noticeable. Dr. Tryon studies the translucency and reflection of your teeth when choosing the dental materials for your restorative work.

Color: Natural teeth often vary from each other in color nuance and gradation. Dr. Tryon uses layering techniques to recreate your natural color so that your dental restorations will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

Proportion: The size and shape of your teeth are important for function and the aesthetic of your entire face. Dr. Tryon measures the proportions of your teeth in relation to your other teeth, lip line, and facial features before crafting your restorations.

Teeth Modeling

Teeth modeling can help you visualize the end result of your smile reconstruction. Dr. Tryon crafts waxed teeth models to physically illustrate what your perfect smile might look like. He measures your bite and each of your teeth to create a model especially for you. This model enables him to make recommendations to optimally improve the function and aesthetic of your smile. You will be able to see just what we can do for your appearance before any treatments take place!

Dental Imaging

Dental imaging allows you to see how your perfect smile fits in with the appearance of your entire face. We will take a picture of you and digitally alter your smile. This visual aid might be just the motivation you need to finally get that confidence boost you deserve.

Trust Us with Your Smile Reconstruction

With over a thousand hours in advanced cosmetic and restorative dental training and a unique artistic approach, Dr. Tryon can give you a beautiful smile that is both natural and functional. Contact us today to set up a consultation.