Meet the Team

Dr. Tryon would like to introduce you to his dental team. With a combined total of over 60 years of dental experience, this team knows dentistry. But it is also thanks to their desire to provide quality service, their commitment to work until the job is done, and their compassion for the needs of our patients that enables our office to be prepared to provide you the care that you deserve.

Amy – Hygienist

Amy has been serving patients for over 14 years as a hygienist in the DFW area. She received her training at Texas Woman’s University, and loves continuing her training of new techniques, materials and technologies because she is an advocate for healthy smiles and loving life. Amy is a self proclaimed foodie and a wonderful cook. Amy also enjoys eating out and tends to know the best thing on the menu of many area restaurants. She also enjoys doing home renovation projects and crafting; but mostly she just loves hanging out with her family.

Martha – Patient Coordinator, Hygienist

Martha is the newest member of our team and has exceptional and broad dental experience. Martha has served patients in the metroplex for over 20 years as a dental hygienist. Ready for a change, but maintaining her love of dentistry, she is now helping patients by being the first person you talk to on the phone and the first person you will see when you come to visit us. With her extensive dental training, Martha is able to help you as you seek for solutions to your dental questions. She and her husband love traveling but no matter where they go, she says that North Texas will always be home.

Sherry – Treatment Coordinator

Sherry is from California, but we don’t hold that against her. She got to Texas as soon as she could. Sherry has been a registered dental assistant for over 30 years. That experience has provided her with the understanding to help you wisely and carefully navigate through the challenges of finance and insurance. In her free time she loves supporting her children in softball, band and PTA. When she has time, she does love to cook and bake and create magic in the kitchen.

Melissa – Registered Dental Assistant

Melissa is a Denton lifer, having attended Denton High School. Although she spent a few years in California, she realized Texas was her home. Service is a passion that threads throughout Melissa’s life, whether in dentistry or in the community. Her desire to serve is a hallmark of her patient care. She has also donated her time to many organizations in the DFW area, including the ATC, Relay for Life, and the NT State Fair. Her constant passion is to serve her family and those in her extended family.

Vanessa – Registered Dental Assistant

Vanessa is our boomerang, and we are grateful that she did. She worked at Tryon Dentistry for 17 years, but then had to leave us for awhile. A few years later she was able to come back and continues to be a valuable employee to us and a kind and gentle assistant to our patients. In her free time, Vanessa is an accomplished guitarist and a very youthful grandmother to her two rambunctious grandsons.