Dental Technology

When you come to our office, you’ll find our advanced dental technology provides an exceptional blend of art and science. We like to keep up with progressive changes in dental technology by making sure our methods, training, and tools are up-to-date.

Digital Imaging System

Traditional X-rays take time, create constant radiation exposure, and are sometimes hard to understand. With the technology of digital X-rays, we can take images of your teeth that are immediately accessible through our computer system. Dr. Tryon can adjust the images and zoom in or out to see a picture more clearly and to isolate problem areas. Digital X-rays also use 80% less radiation than traditional X-rays, which means a safer exam for you.

TDT Transillumination Diagnostic Tool

TDT transillumination is a light tool that can reveal many dental issues without ever exposing you to radiation. We use a special light designed to pass through your enamel and illuminate problems like cracks or cavities, or even show us if your pulp is damaged. Call today to see what TDT Transillumination can do for you.

Intra-Oral Cameras

Did you know that an intra-oral camera can take real photographs? The intra-oral camera provides detailed photos that show the surface appearance of your teeth and gums. We can use cameras in addition to X-rays and transillumination diagnostic tools to give Dr. Tryon a more complete understanding of what is going on in your mouth, and your treatment plan can then be custom-designed to fit your specific situation.


Even though your tooth enamel is strong, gentle application and technique is still the best way to reinforce structure and reduce discomfort. Plaque builds up on the surface of your teeth, and it needs to be removed before the bacteria weakens your teeth so they crack or break. Our ultrasonic instruments apply careful and precise hygienic care without risking your enamel.

Electric Handpieces

If you need a surgical procedure, electric handpieces are more precise, more comfortable, and provide precise uniform cuts. For excellent results from your dentistry experience, come to our office to see what we can do for you.


An articulator allows us to create a duplication of your bite so that Dr. Tryon can see what is going on in your mouth and design customized treatment for you. After creating a mold of your teeth, we can mount the impression casts onto the articulator and reproduce the unique movement of your jaw and bite. Dr Tryon can find the best diagnosis and treatment so you can have a healthy and happy smile.

Take advantage of our advanced dental technology! Call us today to schedule an appointment.