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Office Chatter

We never stop learning!

"Wonderful office and great staff; very courteous and polite. Also very friendly and comfortable. Great work is done by Dr. Tryon combined with excellent service. Afterwards, it is altogether just GREAT! My smile is beautiful. People tell me that all the time and they think it is all my own teeth when it is actually crowns and veneers."

Millie Setliff
Corinth, TX

Dr. Tryon knows that many people have a hard time getting a good nights sleep, and that there are dental solutions that can help some people to sleep more comfortably and quietly. To help find the best solutions, Dr. Tryon will be attending a continuing education course called "Sleep Medicine in the Dental Practice", as part of his summer continuing education. This course provides knowledge and understanding of sleep physiology and the life-threatening consequences of sleep-disordered breathing. It also addresses strategies for screening and treating sleep disorder patients within your dental practice. If you find this is a concern for you, please give us a call and let's see what we can do to help.

Dr. Tryon feels that it is important to continue learning and developing his skills because he takes the responsibility of caring for his patient's dental health very seriously. He has chosen to do a significant amount of his continuing training at The Spear Institute because it has a vision for unmatched excellence in advanced dental education. Their in-depth curriculum challenges, inspires and helps doctors to continue providing foundationally correct dental treatment to patients.

Over the last few years the doctor has also completed courses of study on "Demystifying Occlusion" and "Treating Worn Dentition". Occlusion is the way your teeth bite together. A healthy occlusion protects the teeth from harmful wear and the jaw from excessive and damaging fatigue. By helping patients achieve healthier occlusion, it can minimize the wear on teeth (dentition) and provide more longevity with current restorations.

He has also recently completed the "Restorative Design" and "Anterior Restorative Dentistry" courses. This training has provided both a foundational review and a cutting edge curriculum which enables Dr. Tryon to continue to provide the best that dentistry has to offer.

For more information regarding the Spear Institute please visit speareducation.com.

Contests: Appointment Applause

At Tryon Dentistry we like to give a round of applause to our patients for their efforts to care for their smiles and manage their appointments. At the end of each cleaning appointment our patients names are put in the "Appointment Applause" box. At the end of the month two (2) patients are awarded a gift from Dr. Tryon and his dental team.

Last month Perrin and Charles each won a two tickets to CINEMARK. We hope they have a great evening at the movies. For the month of September, we are having one last month of movie tickets, but this time we are adding the gift of a dinner when you go to the MOVIE TAVERN. So if you haven't seen ANTMAN yet, this could be your chance. Remember that when you come in for your cleaning appointments, don't forget to enter your name in the Appointment Applause Box.