Common Questions

We take the time to listen to you, and give you accurate and comprehensive answers so that you can make the right dental choices for you and your family. Making health decisions can be difficult; but making uneducated decisions can be devastating. We are here to thoroughly answer your dental questions, giving you another great reason to smile!

Helping You Make Informed Decisions

What do I need to know as a consumer to get the best that dentistry has to offer?

As a consumer, we understand that it is sometimes difficult for you to know if the work done in your mouth is exceptional or mediocre. That's why it is important to be certain that your dentist has taken advanced continuing education courses in clinical cosmetic and restorative dentistry to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and advancements. Asking to view before and after photos of previous completed treatment will also help you to see if you like his work. Finally, ask for references from other patients or specialists in the area to help you get a sense of the excellence of care the dentist provides.

What is the difference between a general dentist and a restorative and cosmetic dentist?

A restorative and cosmetic dentist is a well qualified, experienced dentist with advanced, post-graduate education in aesthetic restorative techniques and materials, as well as advanced study in the science of occlusion (your bite). With an eye for both beauty and function, the restorative and cosmetic dentist can focus on the aesthetics of the smile while ensuring that the bite functions properly; bringing greater comfort and longevity to your restored, youthful looking smile.

"Dr. Tryon and his staff are very professional. They are very dedicated to their patients and really care about you as a person. I could not be more pleased with the 2 years of restorative dental work that Dr. Tryon completed on me. I would highly recommend Dr. Tryon to anyone needing major dental services. His is the best in my book!"

Gary Jones
Denton, TX

Do you have to worry about the mercury in your silver fillings?

Silver fillings have been and continue to be a popular restoration because of their durability and low cost. Due to the mercury that is mixed into these filling materials, it has become a controversial issue. Although recent studies are showing that it is possible for trace amounts of the mercury found in silver fillings to leach out of your tooth and into your body, the ADA Council of Scientific Affairs state that the exact health risks associated with this problem are currently undetermined. The dental community continues to study this issue in order to protect patients. Dr. Tryon has chosen to provide Mercury Free “Composite” Fillings, to protect your overall health.

Because of the mercury used in silver fillings, should I replace my silver fillings right now?

There are currently no studies “proving” that the mercury in silver fillings has adverse effects on health. I am aware that some people are uncomfortable having these restorations in their mouth because of the mercury they contain. Might I suggest two other reasons for choosing to replace these older restorations with mercury free restorations. First, they are tooth colored. They look more like your natural tooth color. Secondly, they are bonded to the tooth structure which restores the tooth’s strength as well as its beauty. Silver fillings are not bonded but are held into place by the remaining tooth structure. The silver restorations leave your tooth more vulnerable for breaking. If you feel that replacing your old silver fillings is right for you then call us and we can help you with the process.

What makes your office different than any other dental practice I can visit?

Our mission and purpose is to offer you what we would want if we were the patient. We take the time to give you all the information you need to make wise decisions for your dental health. We delight in helping our patients find financial solutions for treatment, and we especially desire to bring comfort to those struggling with dental anxieties.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

Before you ever sit in the dental chair, much effort has been made to prepare for your visit. The chair you sit in has been sterilized, as well as every surface in the dental operatory. Each instrument that will be used has been thoroughly sterilized to ensure cleanliness. The doctor and his assistant wear masks and gloves for your safety, as well as theirs. We make this effort so you can be assured that when you leave our office, you will be taking home only the memory of a great experience!

Are you accepting new patients?

YES! We would love to provide comfortable and quality dentistry to anyone who appreciates and desires to improve or maintain their oral health.

What do I do if I have to cancel my appointment?

We understand that sometimes emergencies come up making it impossible to keep your scheduled appointment. We ask that you let us know as soon as you are aware of the discrepancy; a 24 hours advanced notice is greatly appreciated. Our receptionist will then be happy to work with you in finding another appointment time that is convenient for both of our schedules. Because our patients are so respectful of our schedule, we are diligent to be respectful of theirs. We do our very best to be ready for you at your appointed time.

What do I do if I have an emergency and the office is closed?

If the office is closed and you have a dental emergency, you are welcome to call the doctor's cell phone at (940) 206-1188 and leave a short message describing the emergency and a contact number. The doctor checks his messages regularly throughout the weekend and will return your call as soon as he is able.

I really don't like visiting the dentist. What can you do to help me relax?

Many times dental anxiety is due to fear of the unknown or fear of pain and discomfort. From the moment you enter our office, we hope to alleviate these fears by providing an atmosphere of education and peace of mind. Each team member is knowledgeable and prepared to answer any questions you might have. The doctor will explain all procedures and address all concerns regarding your treatment.

To help you relax, we provide a massage chair and neck pillows. To provide comfort during treatment nitrous oxide and enteral sedation is available. The doctor can discuss with you these relaxation options to find what is best.