Dr. Tryon's Favorites

Don’t you wish you could know what the professionals like? What is it they use? Well now you can. We would like to share with you the favorites of our Doctor and Hygienist ...the things that they really like. These preferences are based on years of seeing things that work and things that don’t.

Dr. Tryon's Top Ten


"I have been in the dental field for about 20 years. I have never seen such an excellent dentist as Dr. Tryon. He and his staff are very dedicated and committed to giving you an all around positive dental experience. I have spent many hours in his care and I trust him fully. I have had a full mouth restoration that is currently in the temporary stage and I love my smile more than I ever have! GREAT JOB!"

Terrisa Coffman
Chico, TX

For a manual toothbrush: a soft, quality toothbrush. The most important thing is to use it regularly, and to replace the toothbrush when the bristles start to bend.

For an electric toothbrush: SONICARE or ROTODENT - The vibration of SONICARE brush is ultrasonic, which is very effective in getting rid of plaque. It also is timed to run for 2 minutes, encouraging the user to brush as needed for a cleaner result. SONICARE’s can be purchased at many retail stores, as well as at our office. The ROTODENT brushing system has a smaller non-traditional head which is tooth specific. It enables the brush to get around each tooth. This brushing system is particularly beneficial for those with orthodontic appliances. ROTODENT’s can be purchased at our office.


For general cleaning: COLGATE TOTAL – this toothpaste contains Triclosan, an ingredient that helps to inhibit bacterial growth. It can be purchased at many retail stores; a sample is provided to our patients at the end of each cleaning appointment.

For people with Sensitive Teeth: COLGATE SENSITIVE ENAMEL PROTECT – this toothpaste will bring comfort to those that have tooth sensitivity. It can be purchased at many retail stores; a sample is provided to our patients at the end of a cleaning appointment if sensitivity is an issue.

For people with Crowns: The Doctor or hygienist may recommend CLINPRO 5000. This toothpaste provides a fluoride treatment when you brush, helping to protect the tooth enamel around your restoration. This product can be purchased at our dental office.


ORAL B SATIN FLOSS – This floss is a flat ribbon shape so it does not shred during flossing unless there is a faulty restoration. It also has a slick texture so it slides between teeth comfortably. Our patients have agreed that this is a like. It can be purchased at many retail stores; a sample is provided to our patients at the end of a cleaning appointment.

Bleaching System:

Out of Office Bleaching System: CREST STRIPS or AQUAFRESH WHITENING TRAYS – The big difference between the products you buy in the store and the product you purchase in a dental office is the concentration of the bleach. If your stains are not deep, and you don’t mind waiting for results, then give these systems a try first.

In Office Bleaching System: KoR DEEP BLEACHING SYSTEM – This system is exceptional in providing a clean white smile using a high concentration of bleaching solution. The treatment combines office and home use, under the doctor’s direction. You will be given customized bleaching trays for continued touch-up bleaching in order to maintain your white smile for years to come.

Bite Splint/Bite Guard:

Retail Bite Splint/Bite Guard: The doctor does not have a favorite Bite Guard that can be purchased in a retail store. Those bite guards are usually made of rubber, and are not customized to your mouth. The doctor describes it as just a chew toy, allowing a person to chew on rubber instead of their teeth. With these guards people will still experience joint and muscle fatigue. It may be better than nothing, but it is not a like.

Customized in Office Bite Splint/Bite Guard: This is what the doctor likes. These bite guards are made of acrylic so your teeth slide instead of grind or chew. The doctor also equilibrates the bite guard to your perfect bite, enabling your jaw to be in its most comfortable alignment while you are wearing the guard. This protects your teeth and relaxes your joint and jaw muscles when it is fitted properly and adjusted correctly.

Tooth Protector:

MI PASTE: This is a paste that can be purchased in our dental office. It is simply applied with your finger, rubbing over your teeth, once or twice a day. This paste remineralizes your teeth, lessening sensitivity and protects your restorations. Basically it helps to strengthen your teeth. Some patients find it hard to remember to use it because its benefits are not immediately noticeable but in the long run, it is most beneficial in helping our patients keep their teeth for their lifetime.


TRIDENT EXTRA W/RECALDENT: Recaldent is the ingredient found in the MI Paste. Some patients find it more enjoyable to chew this gum rather than use the paste. Unfortunately, it is hard to find this gum in the stores. We have samples to share with our patients at our office.


EVERYTHING: But our favorite candy is the piece of chocolate that you are treated to at the end of your dental appointments when you come to Tryon Dentistry. The important thing to remember is to clean your teeth soon after eating sugary foods so the sugar won’t remain on the enamel. So enjoy your piece of chocolate.


Favorite Meal: Biscuits and Gravy (that is a hamburger white gravy)

Favorite Movie: Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Hobby: Woodworking (he does love working with his hands)