Comfort and Confidence

You deserve to feel comfortable and confident about your dental care. That is why Dr. Tryon and his team take the time to listen to you, explain your diagnosis, fully answer all your questions and find solutions to your dental concerns in a relaxed, unhurried environment. Restorative work only begins when both you and the doctor feel comfortable and confident with your proposed treatment. Dr. Tryon never forgets that he must earn your trust and help you find peace of mind about your dental concerns.

Comfort With You in Mind

We prepare for your appointments with you in mind. From your very first call to our office, we get to know you so that we can accommodate your unique needs.

Our office is located in peaceful northeast Denton, in the Northwood Gardens Business Complex. If you come early, you can relax in our "cozy" reception area watching the latest news and enjoying the back massage chair. At the time of your appointment, our dental assistant will escort you to your room and be your liaison, staying with you until your procedure is completed. At the conclusion of your appointment, the dental assistant will guide you to our patient coordinator who will answer any remaining questions and assist you with check-out in a private and comfortable office area.

A "Peace of Mind" Experience

Even in a relaxed environment, dental anxiety can challenge some patient's attempts to have a comfortable dental experience. Some are very concerned, even fearful, about having a shot or feeling discomfort or pain during a procedure. Alleviating these concerns takes time and preparation. We allow enough time during appointments to address your unique needs. By taking this time to discuss and educate, we have found that many worries can be minimized. For those patients who continue to struggle with dental anxieties, we provide other options; such as, nitrous, anxiety pre-medications and conscious sedation. Dr. Tryon will discuss each of these options with you in order to choose what is best suited for you and your treatment.

Keeping or Restoring a Beautiful, Healthy Smile for a Lifetime

Dr. Tryon has spent much of his continuing education training honing his skills in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and deepening his understanding of occlusion (your bite) in order to help patients have beautiful, healthy, confident smiles for a lifetime. He loves working with his patients to prevent tooth damage and gum disease so they can maintain what nature provided. But he also loves working with patients to restore and rebuild smiles so that when completed, these new smiles provide function and beauty for years to come. Dentistry is an investment into your health. When it is done well, your dental investment will provide you the reward of comfort and confidence, which will enhance the quality of your life.