Bruxism and Bite Splints

Many people struggle with bruxism, or grinding teeth. Unfortunately, most grinding happens when sleeping, so it is a hard habit to break. A sign of this condition is worn down or flat teeth, recession of gum tissue and sore jaw joints. The fastest and most effective way to treat bruxism is the use of a customized bite splint or occlusal orthotic device. It is crafted from clear plastic and worn on either the top or the bottom teeth. The splint is equilibrated to perfectly fit your bite; protecting your joints and teeth from further wear. If you have this condition and want to restore your worn teeth, a bite splint is a necessity. Because the habit of bruxism is so hard to break, once your restorations have been placed we suggest you continue to wear your bite splint at night to add greater longevity to your new smile.

Tooth wear due to severe bruxism

Mercury Free Restorations

Silver fillings have been and continue to be a popular restoration because of their durability and low cost. Due to the mercury that is mixed into these filling materials, it has become a controversial issue. Although recent studies are showing that it is possible for trace amounts of the mercury found in silver fillings to leach out of your tooth and into your body, the ADA Council of Scientific Affairs state that the exact health risks associated with this problem are currently undetermined. The dental community continues to study this issue in order to protect patients. Dr. Tryon has chosen to provide Mercury Free “Composite” Fillings, to protect your overall health.

There are currently no studies “proving” that the mercury in silver fillings has adverse effects on health. Some people are uncomfortable having these restorations in their mouth because of the mercury they contain. There are two other reasons for choosing to replace these older restorations with mercury free restorations. First, they are tooth colored. They look more like your natural tooth color. Secondly, they are bonded to the tooth structure which restores the tooth’s strength as well as its beauty. Silver fillings are not bonded but are held into place by the remaining tooth structure. The silver restorations leave your tooth more vulnerable for breaking. If you feel that replacing your old silver fillings is right for you then call us and we can help you with the process.