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At Tryon Dentistry, we offer the leading edge of technology in dental care while providing personalized attention to each patient. Dr. Tryon is a compassionate, knowledgeable professional who understands how dental health can improve your confidence and wellness. In his words...

"Successful dentistry is achieved when there is an appropriate blending of art with science to produce your natural, comfortable and beautiful smile. Whether it is a single filling or completely rebuilding your smile, our objective is to help you feel better about your health, your smile, and yourself."

Kerry Tryon

Restorative Dentistry
Achieving a beautiful result depends on blending the art and science of dentistry. Read more.

Jaw Pain & Healthy Bite
An unhealthy bite can cause pain and discomfort, but you can find relief. Read more.

Comfort and Confidence
Dentistry is an investment into your health that will enhance your quality of life. Read more.

What's New?
Find out what is new at Tryon Dentistry and see how you can win some great prizes. Read more.

Dr. Tryon's Favorites
Don’t you wish you could know what the professionals like? Now you can. Read more.

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